Saturday, May 30, 2015

"Hidden Meanings"

In "It's a Grimm Life", I included a few illustrations with a symbolic reference, something that hinted to a key feature in the associated story, and provided me a bit of enjoyment at being clever (no snickering, you...).


 BLACK ROCK by Liz Crossland - The rock illustration has the formula for a combustion reaction inscribed on its surface; to reference the chemistry lab scenes, the volatile attitude of the leading lady, and the ever-burning desire the protagonist felt while searching for his lost love.

THE WICKED STEPMOTHER by Jessamy Corob Cook - The door has the alchemical symbol for stone; referencing the spell triggered when opening the door, and the answer to a stepmother's unthinkable dilemma.

THUMBLING by Gregory L. Norris - The amalgam of the story's central group, a quaint little knitting club, and the overwhelming urge for a woman to "conceive" a child.

WHO'S AFRAID? by Carl Barker - My last illustration is more of a visual piece.  The idea was that if you mildly squinted while staring at the image, you can make out the head of a wolf.  Once I made a color version for the author and promotional purposes, the poor boy was much harder to see.

Oh well.

Illustrations maybe becoming less frequent, but I think this tradition will be honored for as long as I can with Tacitus Publishing.

- James S. Austin

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